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To give prospective employers the best possible image, you should ensure that your CV is of a high calibre. If your CV does not resemble a similar layout to the formatting recommended below, we recommend reformatting your CV so that it gives potential employers a good impression.

Your CV should include your name in full (including any middle names) as well as your full address, telephone number, mobile phone number and date of birth. CVs should also include an introduction or summary that gives the employer a short overview of your skills, qualities, hopes and plans. The content that you write in your introduction or summary paragraph should be written in a positive tone and should be relevant to the job that you are applying for. The introduction to your CV should make prospective employers want to read the rest of your CV.

In addition to the above, your CV should include a complete account of your working life thus far. Leaving any gaps in your employment history or being vague with dates could result in a potential employer not inviting you to the interview stage. You should always include any paid, unpaid, full-time, part-time, sandwich placements or vacation jobs starting with the most recent work experiences as these are the most relevant.

The suggested format for your CV can be viewed below:

  • Include the month and year e.g. From June 1994 to Sept 2002 with jobs
  • Provide your job title, employer name and employment type e.g. full time 
  • List your main duties and responsibilities 
  • List the skills you have used, developed and performed during the role 
  • Try to put more detail into recent and important job descriptions 
  • List additional skills such as computer literacy, driving and language fluency 
  • List your education, training and other certifications that are relevant and include any appropriate dates, places of study and an overview of the course. 
  • Do not list qualifications or training that you attempted or failed to complete 

In addition to the above, you should tell the reader a little about yourself as a person such as activities involving leadership or responsibility (clubs, societies, college) as well as any team involvement such as sports, committees or other organizations. You might also want to include any competitions that you have won awards for. Interests that are not relevant to the position such as one-person interests (stamp collecting and other misc hobbies) are typically not of interest to an employer unless it connects with the work that you are applying for.

Once you are confident your CV meets the above specifications, you should proof read your CV for spelling and grammatical errors. More than half of the CVs that are received by Baxter Personnel contain spelling or grammar errors of some kind which does not send out a good signal to potential employers. On a final note, good luck with your job search. We hope we can help you find work.


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