Job Seeker? Avoid Posting These Facebook Statuses…

Job Seeker? Avoid Posting These Facebook Statuses…

Facebook; love it or loathe it, has now become a major part of our lives. Most of us will be well aware by now, not to post any wild party pictures from the night before as it can damage our careers. However, did you know the wrong type of Facebook status can also have a negative impact on your work life?

Generally, social networking sites are often seen as an arena for users to vent their opinions about every subject under the sun. However employers are becoming more clued up on how controversial online content can have an impact on their business.

Recruiters will also take a look at your social profiles too, as it will help them to determine if you are suitable for a particular position. If you are looking to make a good first impression, we can recommend you avoid posting these statuses…

‘The Rant’
We have all witnessed this online, someone has had a bad day and has posted each and every detail of it on their Facebook profile. If you are tempted to rant, avoid social media at all costs, especially if you have any of your work colleagues added as friends. Even if you feel you can trust your fellow co-workers, you never know where your status may end up.

‘The Oversharer’
Although you may avoid posting any negative statuses about the workplace; the content which you choose to share can still have a damaging impact on your career. Some content on Facebook may be seen as innocent but can have offensive undertones especially if they are shared from a controversial website or page. Remember, this content can be interpreted in the wrong way by an employer even if you haven’t composed the original post yourself.

‘The Controversial’
If you feel strongly about a particular subject and want to demonstrate your passion for it, you may think social media is the perfect forum. However debatable content can sometimes fuel an angry discussion, so it’s best to keep it positive and avoid anything to do with politics, religion or even football for that matter.

‘The Pessimistic’
We have all had times in our lives when things don’t always go to plan and we may be tempted to broadcast our feelings online. However, a timeline jam-packed full of negative statuses can be a huge turn off for a recruiter, as they would prefer a candidate who is positive and reacts well to challenging situations. Instead, if you feel the need to broadcast your feelings, turn to a friend but make sure that it’s offline instead.

‘The Procrastinator’
If a recruiter spots that you spend every waking minute online, it may seem that you are not doing enough to enrich your life outside of the workplace. Also, if you are updating your status during working hours, it will demonstrate that you are off-task and willing to procrastinate in the workplace.

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