do you know which direction your career is heading

Do you know which direction your career is heading? Although the economy is now in recovery and the job market is going from strength to strength, only a few years ago redundancies and unemployment were a common problem. If you know which direction your career is heading then it is likely that you have a plan in one shape or form and know your intentions with the company that you're currently employed at if you're currently employed.

There is often a very large gap between the jobs that professionals set out with the intention of getting and the job that they actually get. As careers progress there is often two primary options that can be taken, move upwards through the employment hierarchy and take a position as a manager or other similar role or alternatively move 'sideways' into a similar job role that is in the same industry as the one that you're currently employed in.

To determine an understanding of where your career is heading, it is recommended that you have a firm understanding of what you want to be doing in one, five, ten or even twenty years from now and if the answer isn't 'Doing what I'm doing now' in terms of career choice then you may need to take drastic action to either get your career back on track or to alternatively put steps in place so that you can make the appropriate alterations and move to a job role that you are more passionate about.

Where is your career heading? Is it heading where you originally anticipated or have you taken a different route that has led to something completely different? Let us know below.