Does Your Business Use #Northeasthour?

Does Your Business Use #Northeasthour?

Does your business use the #northeasthour hashtag for Twitter? many businesses are actively participating in the new Twitter hashtag trend taking place on Twitter and are experiencing fantastic results from their participation.

The #Northeasthour hashtag is used by businesses based in the North East of England to promote themselves to potential customers and other businesses. The hashtag has been used by Baxter Personnel extensively and has resulted in communicating with and meeting many new businesses.

A direct quote from the #northeasthour website summarises #northeasthour as "Its intention and purpose has captured the imagination of North East business owners and week on week provides real opportunities for local businesses to connect and to raise their profile to a dedicated local audience, which in turn means real potential customers.".

A variety of businesses are actively participating in #northeasthour, ranging from recruitment agencies, IT companies, accountants and a variety of other businesses in a large range of sectors.

You can participate in #northeasthour by using the hashtag with your Tweet between 8-9pm Monday and 2-3pm Tuesday.