Do you use Google+?

Google+ provides a wide variety of opportunities for those that are looking for work. Like most other social networks that can be effectively used for job hunting, Google+ provides an opportunity to find jobs that might not be posted on the abundance of job boards that are accessible.

As Google+ is a free tool for both businesses and consumers, it is a widely used platform and job seekers can take advantage of this. It is recommended that as a candidate you 'reach out' to businesses on Google+ and interact with them so that you can see posts that they are making and monitor them for potential vacancies.

Recruitment agencies such as Baxter Personnel who is a Darlington recruitment agency that provides jobs in Darlington and surrounding areas for candidates based in the North East of England and North Yorkshire, is an example of a company that actively engages with Google+ and provides further opportunities for finding work in the local area.

To follow Baxter Personnel on Google+, simply visit the Baxter Personnel page and click follow.