Finding Jobs At Companies Not Advertising

Finding Jobs At Companies Not Advertising

If you’re currently looking for work due to unemployment or because your current job is no longer suitable or ‘enjoyable’ you might have the attitude that the more jobs you apply for the better and although this can sometimes be true (assuming the applications are relevant), many job seekers overlook those companies who aren’t actively hiring.

When it comes to deciding if you should submit a job application or submit your resume to a company that isn’t actively hiring, there are numerous factors that you should take into consideration. If you are looking exclusively for companies that aren’t hiring, you should make sure that the companies that you are looking at are definitely not hiring, this can often be determined up front by looking for vacancies being advertised by that company or alternatively by asking the company directly if they are currently hiring.

If you are informed when submitting your job application or your resume that the company isn’t hiring, it is recommended that you enquire if that company has a view of recruiting in the future as this could potentially allow you to pre-emptively submit your application to those responsible for that future recruitment at the company.

As many employers keep resumes and applications from previously advertised jobs on file, it is possible that jobs might not be publicly advertised if the company can source candidates from records that they already possess. Submitting your CV or an application to companies that aren’t actively advertising is a way of ensuring you can reach these companies and that you have a greater chance of finding work. Although submitting your resume or application to companies that potentially keep CVs is a way of reaching these companies, it can often mean that you aren’t contacted for weeks or months and in many cases if you’re looking for work you may have already found a job.

If you do choose to submit an application or resume to companies that aren’t actively hiring, it is important that you use caution and avoid being ‘pushy’ if they inform you that they are not actively recruiting as doing so could potentially have negative results and could impact your future prospects with that company.