#northeasthour returns

#northeasthour returns

Much to the delight of businesses operating throughout the North East of England, the #northeasthour hashtag is now being recognized and promoted once more by the official @northeasthour account that is run by Helen Armstrong (@helensarmstrong) after coming back from a lengthy Christmas break.

Despite the many businesses that use the #northeasthour hashtag out of the hours specifically dedicated to #northeasthour and recognized by @northeasthour, the North East Hour hashtag that has been in use since August 2012 has recently been inactive over the Christmas and New Year period while many businesses were closed.

North East Hour resumed on the 6th of January between 8pm and 9pm after being inactive from the 17th of December and stated that it was the most successful #northeasthour to date with the official @northeasthour account reaching 15,000 followers and many other businesses enjoying success as a direct result of participating.

The main regions that are recognized as being part of the North East of England for participating in the #northeasthour hashtag campaigns are Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Cleveland although the hashtag often has a variety of businesses outside of the region participating.

If your business would like to join in with the widely used #northeasthour hashtag, you can do so by tweeting about your business between 8pm and 9pm on a Monday and/or by tweeting about your business between 2pm and 3pm on a Tuesday.

To get the most out of #northeasthour it is recommended that you engage with other local businesses by following them, retweeting them and ultimately by forming relationships with them as they will often do the same and as a direct result your Twitter network will grow and in turn potentially your business.

If you need assistance with using #northeasthour you can tweet the main accounts associated with #northeasthour which are @helensarmstrong or @NorthEastHour for help.

Baxter Personnel often engages with #northeasthour by following and retweeting the many businesses that are involved. If you would like Baxter Personnel to follow you, you can send Baxter Personnel a mention by including @baxterpersonnel in your tweet.