5 CV Mistakes To Avoid

5 CV Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to looking for work, it is important that you have a good resume. Your resume should list your skills, employment history, education and other important information that is related to the job that you are applying for. You can read our full CV tips page here.

Many job seekers make mistakes when it comes to writing their CV and this can ultimately hinder their chances of finding employment. To improve your chances of finding work and to make sure that your CV is of the highest standard, we’ve listed five things that you should avoid when writing your CV.

Vague Job Details

When you list your employment history on your CV, you should be as specific as possible by including dates and information relating to your responsibilities as well as the tasks that you carried out. Job details should cover the main elements of the job and should highlight to the potential employer your skills and abilities.

Old and Irrelevant Information

When writing your CV, you should only include jobs that are relevant. Although you should include your previous employers and your degree or qualifications, it is not advised that you list numerous activities that you carried out at secondary school or college for example. It is also advised that you don’t include old jobs that are irrelevant to your current career.

Writing in Third Person

When writing your CV it is advised that you don’t write in third person as a story or narrating yourself, instead it is recommended that you write your CV as an overview of what you have done using a first person context.

Spelling Mistakes

When writing your CV, it is advised that you spellcheck your CV thoroughly. When submitting your CV it is advised that you check your CV using spellcheck, manually reading and if possible requesting that a third person read your CV.

CV Format

When saving your CV, the format that your CV is in is important. As many recruitment agencies and other large employers use automated CV processing tools, having your CV in for example PDF format can potentially cause problems with it being processed. It is recommended that you save your CV in a standard format such as Microsoft Office Word .DOC or .DOCX.

Overall, your resume should be specific, individualized and easy to read. If you avoid the five CV mistakes listed above, you will have an increased chance of finding employment.