The Importance of a Cover Letter

The Importance of a Cover Letter

When applying for job vacancies whether you’re currently employed and looking for a change of employment or if you’re unemployed and looking for a new vacancy, your CV is crucial in finding work and successfully gaining employment. There are many components to a high quality CV and articles on the Baxter Personnel website actively provide information on writing your CV as well as what to do and what not to do with your CV. In addition to a high quality CV, a cover letter is vital when applying for most vacancies.

A cover letter allows you as a candidate to provide a summary of your CV and key skills that are tailored around the job that you are applying for. Although cover letters are not read by all employers, having one is an additional way to market your knowledge, skills and ultimately your interest in the company.

If your cover letter is of a high calibre it will also show your communication skills through your ability to communicate your knowledge and experience with your cover letter document. If your cover letter is compelling, it will give your CV an edge and is likely to be read by those in charge of making the hiring decisions which is why utilizing your cover letter to personalise your message is important.

Although CV’s usually cover the majority of your experience and skills, a cover letter provides the opportunity to explain and in some cases justify decisions for moving employment and to count for gaps that may exist in your employment. In addition, your cover letter will allow you to market your transferable skills and will keep your name in front of the decision maker.

Ultimately, if constructed correctly a cover letter will be invaluable in securing employment. Not only will a cover letter allow you to exercise the points outlined in this article but it will allow you to refine how you target the employer by using keywords and phrases that may meet the employer’s needs. Your cover letter will also allow you to find out further information about the company and additional steps that may be required in order to gain employment.