Lisa's first week at Aldi...


Lisa's first week at Aldi...

Lisa Marsh, Warehouse Operative at the new Aldi Goldthorpe distribution centre brings us up to date with our group of new recruits and what they have been up to in their first week of training.

“This week we began training with Aldi and I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far.”

“The first 3 days of training were held at Goldthorpe library.  The first day was a busy day filling in forms with all your details and signing contracts with Aldi before starting any training.”

“Towards the end of the week we were all given the Aldi workbook which was full of information about Aldi’s health and safety policies and also about all the roles in the warehouse from goods in to the delivery process.  There was also useful information on all battery powered vehicles which you will be using on a daily basis in the warehouse.  We had to do a written assessment on everything we learnt in in the session, in the booklet so do pay attention.  Don't worry too much though, the trainers go through every question with you and make sure you understand and get it right.  Help is always there when you need it.”

“Monday 8th September was our first day of training at Aldi Darlington. We met in Goldthorpe and were taken in a mini bus over to the Darlington distribution centre. When we arrived, we talked again about health and safety and then had a tour of the warehouse.  It was a big place, everyone had their own roles and it was busy.  We are told that Aldi Goldthorpe’s distribution centre will be twice as big as this one so I am looking forward to seeing it.  We got try using some of the pallet vehicles which was great fun and I met a lot of great people who I will be working alongside when we begin at the Goldthorpe branch.   Our trainer was George and his knowledge of the company has been inspiring.”