How To Gain A Promotion Without Asking For One

How To Gain A Promotion Without Asking For One

Walking straight into your manager’s office and requesting a promotion is a sure fire way of gaining one, right? While the direct approach may seem like a good idea, it can’t always guarantee the response which you were hoping for.

If you have been in the same role for some time, you maybe itching for a promotion or to take on any additional responsibilities.  Many people believe promotions will come in time, however if you are ready to climb the ladder, it’s advisable to take on a more pro-active approach.

We’ve compiled a handy guide to enable you take a step-up in your career…

Know Your Goals
Before deciding if you want to gain a promotion, it’s important to identify exactly where it is you willing to go. Do you want to move up the ladder with your current company or are you willing to make the leap and work for a different organisation? Being clear from the offset will enable you to put a clean plan in place to help you get there much quicker.   

Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty
Constantly exceeding expectations in your current role is a great place to start, as you are more likely to get noticed by your employer.  It will highlight that you are a dedicated employee who likes to ensure your work is completed to the best possible standard.  Also, request to take on any extra duties or to take charge of a particular project; as this additional experience will help to boost your CV in the future.   

Work On Continuous Self Improvement
If you have been in the same job for an extended period of time, your skillset may start to get a little rusty.   At this point, it might be advisable to learn a new skill outside of the workplace. There are plenty of online resources or short courses available to further your knowledge which will bring your skillset right up-to-date.

Get Known Within The Company
If you work for a large corporation, it can sometimes be difficult to get noticed outside of your immediate team.  Volunteer your time to take part in any ‘extracurricular activities’ outside your normal duties to gain the attention from the right people. Also try your best to attend any work social events such as ‘the Christmas party’ so you can get to know your managers on a more social level.   

Identify New Opportunities
If you work for an expanding company, there is a likelihood that there will be new opportunities available for its internal staff members.  Even if you need to move into a different department to gain a promotion, it will be well worth the effort due to the rewards which you will reap in return.

Finally, Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated
Having a good reputation as a kind, helpful individual will always put you in good stead amongst your fellow co-workers.  Also showing that you have a helping hand in the workplace demonstrates to your superiors that you use your own initiative and recognise when others are in need of a little assistance.