Choosing the right recruitment agency...


Choosing the right recruitment agency...

It's not hard to find employment and recruitment agencies in the UK with lots to choose from, but which agency you go for depends on your specific needs...

At Baxter Personnel we pride ourselves on the many and long-established close working relationships with blue-chip clients across a number of industries. The length and durability of these relationships forged as a result of our twenty three year history bear testament to the quality of our services.

It is recommended that you thoroughly research the available options before choosing two or three agencies to approach. You can research agencies online via online directories that provide information daily.

At Baxter Personnel we truly believe building strong lasting relationships is the only way to do business. Not only do we make a genuine effort to work hand in hand with our candidates & clients but we believe relationships with suppliers are equally important. 

When you identify the right agency for you then further research on their own website is advised. You can also look at job adverts in newspapers, specialist publications and on jobs websites, before investigating further.

However, it is worth noticing that many agencies do not need to advertise their jobs. Ask friends, colleagues or business contacts which employment agencies they would recommend.

Someone may have already sourced a new job through an agency and be able to recommend on to you. 

 For more information on what we can offer you please visit our Employers page.