Top Tips On How To Write An Appealing Covering Letter

Top Tips On How To Write An Appealing Covering Letter

As well as having a first-rate CV, it is essential to present an appealing covering letter to any potential employer.

Compose a strong covering letter and you could be streets ahead of any other potential candidates.

With that in mind, here are some tips in how you can ace that covering letter:

1)      Before you start, remember to research the company and job role which you are applying for. Have a quick Google search of your potential employer; are there key statics you can pop into your letter? Or have the company had any recent successes in the local or national press? Don’t forget to also check their social media to see what they are currently up to!

2)      Format, format, format! It is essential that you include all elements of a letter, including your address, the employer’s address, the date, ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ and ‘Yours Sincerely’. Try to also stick to using A4 paper size; did you know that almost half of recruiters prefer a covering letter to be on half a page of A4 when reviewing applicants?

3)      If you are sending your letter via email, check to see what the job advert is requesting. It may ask you to send it as an attachment, if it does, save it in a format that the majority of people can open, either as a Word document or in a PDF format. Some companies may not accept attachments, if that is the case, draft your letter up in word first and then copy and paste it over into the body of your email.

4)      If you can, try and find out the name of the person who you are addressing the application to. If it is not on the job advert, research who looks after the HR or recruitment department, this will show the potential employer that you have put in the legwork to find out more about the company.

5)      Although it’s difficult, try not to rewrite a direct copy of your CV. A covering letter should be an edit of all the best bits of your experience and education.

6)      Remember to stay positive throughout your letter, focus on the strengths of your skills and not what you need to work on further.

7)      Most importantly, show passion and motivational for the role. This is where the research of the company comes into play. Is it key to tell them why you are the best person for the job and why you want to work for their company.

8)      Remember to thank the reader for their time at the end of the letter, this will demonstrate that you are grateful to be considered for the opportunity. 

9)      It may seem old fashioned in this digital age, but if you are sending the covering letter as a hard copy, don’t forget to sign the bottom of the page to prove your authenticity.

10)   Last but no means least, check the document for any spelling errors or typos and check that the format is clear and well laid out before forwarding this onto any potential employers.