What do employers look for in potential Candidates?


What do employers look for in potential Candidates?

Whether you are beginning to apply for a new role or have bagged yourself that all important interview, trying to predict what a company is looking for in a potential employee is no easy task.

With that in mind, we have come up with 10 qualities that all potential recruiters will find attractive:

1)     Be Professional– From the start of the job search it is crucial to remain professional from your covering letter to the final interview. This will illustrate to potential employers that you have the business in mind and would represent the company well if they employed you.

2)     Have A Positive Attitude– It is essential to always maintain a positive attitude throughout the process, this will demonstrate to the company that you are willing to approach all tasks in the right frame of mind.

3)     Show Passion– This goes hand in hand with having a positive attitude. It is important to illustrate that you have a real passion for the potential role and business.  Research the company beforehand and use this information to explain why you want to work there in your covering letter and interview.

4)     Exhibit Ambition– Employers love when candidates demonstrate ambition for a role or the company. It illustrates that they are willing to grown both as an individual and with the business as well.

5)     Have Likeability– Personality can play a large part in gaining a role, employers want to make sure that you would fit in with the dynamics of the current team. Being friendly, approachable and are cooperative with others are key traits which recruiters look for. Remember to also smile and make eye contact throughout your interview.

6)     Demonstrate Creatively–The role which you are going for may not involve being creative, but you can show creatively in other ways, for instance it is important to demonstrate how you can solve problems and come up with creative solutions.  

7)     Communicate– Similar to being professional, to show that you can communicate well from the start will put you in good stead with any company.  Remember to communicate well both verbally and when you are composing any written correspondence with a potential employer.

8)     Be Honest– Show a potential employer that you can be trustworthy will form a mutual respect between the both of you.  Admit your strengths and weakness and If you make a mistake, it’s best to own up to it so the problem can be resolved as soon as possible and hopefully be learnt from. It is important to stay true to yourself.

9)     Be Independent– Employers want to see that you have the ability to work on your own as well as being part of the wider team and that they can trust you to complete any given tasks.

10)  Be Reliable– It is important to try and maintain a good attendance at work and also be punctual and ready to start your job each day. Employers need reassurance that they are able to count on you to do the job.