Didn’t Get The Job? - How To Survive Rejection

Didn’t Get The Job? - How To Survive Rejection

Rejection is something we all have to encounter at some point, it is particularly common when applying for jobs and hearing a ‘no’ can become frustrating.

But don’t despair if you haven’t heard back from an application or if you didn’t succeed during the interview process, rejection can be the first step on the road to success.

With that in mind, we have come up with 5 ways in which you can survive the rejection process:

1) Its Not Personal
Being rejected can seem like a massive personal blow, it can knock your confidence and you may view it as being a failure. However, the recruiter doesn’t know you as a person; they don’t know your many skills and talents and remember they have to make a decision too. If you find yourself in this situation, make a list of your key strengths; this will help you realise your full potential and what you are able to achieve. 

2) Move Forward
Try not to dwell on it if you didn’t get a particular job, use it as an opportunity to move forward and learn from the process to improve for next time. However if you feel that you have performed well in an interview and met all the relevant skills specifications, you can take comfort in knowing that this firm wasn’t the right one for you and can concentrating on finding the one which is.

3) Gain Feedback
Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications which one job position can receive; it can be often difficult for companies to contact all of its applicants. However, if you reached the interview stage, it is important to gain vital feedback so you can improve and move forward when the next opportunity arises.

4) Reaction To Rejection
Rejection can sometimes cause an emotional reaction, as we feel that we are being attacked or violated.  Try not to burn any bridges with the interviewer, as although you may not have being the right fit for this position, they may keep you in mind for the next opportunity they have, if you have demonstrated a positive attitude towards rejection.

5) Never Give Up
Most importantly, never give up, it’s key not to blame yourself, as job rejection happens to the most successful people.  If you need to, take some time out for yourself and do something which you enjoy. Once you’re feeling back like yourself again, go and attack that next job application head on!