Mind The Gap: The Importance Of Job Longevity

Mind The Gap: The Importance Of Job Longevity

Job longevity is something all employers look at when reviewing an application. The length of time which you spend with a company can affect your chances at gaining your next role.

Over the past 30 years, times have changed with regards to job longevity; it wasn’t unusual to spend your whole career with one company once you left education. Nowadays, the average time a worker spends with an employer is just over 4 years, it is even less time for those who are aged under 25, who spend 2 and a half years on average working for one company.

With job longevity being at the forefront of many recruiters’ minds, here are the top 5 abilities which job longevity can illustrate to a potential employer:

1) Commitment: This is one of the most important aptitudes an employer will look for in a potential candidate. An employer needs to be reassured that a candidate will be committed to their role and the company. This is especially important in recruitment, due to the length of time and financial implications which can be spent during the recruitment process.

2) Professional Development: If you’re lucky enough to work for a company who believes in investing in their employees, you may have been given the opportunity to develop your skills or gain a promotion while at the company, the likely chance of this increasing will be dependent on the amount of time which you have spent in one position. 

3) You Make The Right Choices: If you have been at a company for at least 2 years or more, it will demonstrate to a potential employer that you make the right decisions and know which path your career would like to take. This will reassure recruiters that you really want their job and would be genuinely happy to work for their company.

4) You Don’t Jump Ship: Job longevity illustrates that you don’t panic if a problem arises at work; it is most likely that you will stick with a company even during the times when they struggle, illustrating that you are a loyal employee.

5) You Perform Well: Longevity is linked closely with performance, it is likely that if you have been at a company for a lengthy period of time, that they regard your performance as being of a good standard and that you have a great work ethic!

While job longevity is important, granted things don’t always go to plan, especially in the world of work. Due to some reason or the other, gaps in your CV can appear and they can be out of your control.

If you have found yourself out of work, it is important to account for any gaps in employment. Demonstrate how you’ve spend your time away from workplace productively, this can be taking a course, doing voluntary work or even conducting research into your sector while job hunting. By having a reason for your gap in employment can make you look a lot more attractive to a recruiter.

Most importantly when explaining the gaps, remember to be honest and positive, it is likely that a recruiter will understand your circumstances and will appreciate your honesty with them. Remember it is not unusual to have a gap within your CV; it only becomes an issue if you don’t explain it.