Excel In Emailing: 5 Steps To A Professional Email Address

Excel In Emailing: 5 Steps To A Professional Email Address

Have you ever thought that your email address can have an impact on gaining your next job? In this digital age, emails play a huge part in the way which we communicate with others. If a candidate has an unprofessional email address this can sometimes mean make or break for a recruiter.

As more and more companies are becoming paperless and taking to communicating with candidates on an online basis only, it is essential to have an appropriate email address.

So to make you sure you excel in emailing, we have come up with 5 tips on how to gain a professional email address:

1) Use Your Name:                                                            
The easiest way to gain a professional email address is to use your own name. If you full name isn’t available when you sign up for a new address, you can make it individual to yourself by adding a dash or dot between your first and surnames or even add your middle name.

2) Avoid Using Nicknames:
While most of your friends and family may know you by a certain nickname, using this in your email address will not give out the right impression to a potential employer. Remember to keep it professional not personal.

3) Make It Simple:
Try to avoid using too many numbers and symbols in your email address. This can cause confusion to the person who is typing in your email address and you may end up missing out on that next job offer if the email goes AWOL. 

4) Keep It Decent:
Using any inappropriate language such as swearing in your email address is a sure fire way to not come across as being professional. Also remember to leave out any references to controversial topics such as religion, politics and even football!

5) Be Individual:
Try to avoid creating a joint email address such as ‘jonesfamily@email.com’ as this can cause issues at your end, after all you don’t want another family member to accidently delete that next job offer, do you?

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