It’s Not Unusual: Turning Job Rejection Into Positivity

It’s Not Unusual: Turning Job Rejection Into Positivity

Rejection in any form can be difficult to digest. It is especially hard in the job market, as it can sometimes feel like a constant.  But remember, it is not unusual to receive rejection during the job hunting process and it is vital to keep it all in prospective.

Remember some of the most successful figures in this world once had to overcome rejection. For instance, did you know that Walt Disney was fired from his position at a newspaper because he ‘lacked ideas and creatively’ or that The Beatles were once told ‘no’ by a record company when they were just starting out?

The following examples demonstrate why rejection can be a positive thing, as it can propel you to move forward.  Dealing with job rejection is no different, so we have come up with 5 ways in how you can turn a job rejection into a positive: 

1) You Are Not Alone:               
The best way to stay positive during a job hunt is to remember that many others up and down the country will be going through exactly the same thing as you are right now. Take solace that rejection is not personal and that many others are soldiering onto their next application despite rejection.  

2) It’s Not Permanent:

Job rejection is not permanent. If you are determined to find a job that is suitable for you and put in the hours to apply for it correctly, trust us you will get there.

3) Choose How You React:It can take some practice to turn negative feelings into positives ones after receiving a rejection, but remember it is not ‘failure’ to do so. If you react in a positive manner to the recruiter, they are most likely to remember you as a good candidate who could be more suitable for their next vacancy. 

4) Remember To Review:
Remember to always review your CV when you have received a job rejection. Who knows you may discover new skills and experience which you can demonstrate on your CV.

5) Keep Trying:
Last but no means least; don’t lose hope when dealing with job rejections. Try to keep a positive outlook on the situation and remember to keep trying. Don’t forget to also take a break and do something which you enjoy.