HMRC's Reporting Requirements Deadline is Now Looming...

All recruitment agencies or employment intermediaries should be aware, they must now report details of all workers they place where they don’t operate PAYE on their payments. The return will be a report (or reports) that must be sent to HMRC once every 3 months.

Payments made from 6th April to 5th July must be reported by 5th August- and HMRC have made it clear that penalties will be imposed straight away for late or non filing.

Baxter Personnel is not required to do any reporting (as we apply PAYE to all staffing/worker payments) but there are many recruitment agencies who will start to feel the strain of this who have not previously operated in this way, or run tax avoidance schemes in order to increase profits. 

Further information on HMRC's Employment Intermediaries reporting requirements, including details of deadlines and penalties can be found here.