Say Hello To Recruitment: How Recruitment Agencies Work

Say Hello To Recruitment: How Recruitment Agencies Work

When it comes to recruitment agencies, sometimes people aren’t sure, or misunderstand what a recruitment agency actually does and why they are there to recruit for businesses. You have probably all had experience of dealing with recruitment agencies at some point in our lives from applying for roles, going to interviews and finding out if we have been successful or not, but how does it work from the point of view of the recruiter? 

This article will give you an insight into recruitment, to demonstrate how agencies operate. We have come up with 4 sections to help you understand the processes recruiters go through to help candidates back into work:   

What Is A Recruitment Agency?
Put simply, a recruitment agency is a company with a vast amount of knowledge, experience and resources in recruiting that track down the candidates that their clients require to effectively save time and money. Recruitment agencies handle all aspects of the recruitment process right up to interviews. The main objective of a recruitment agency is to ensure that they source the right candidate for a job and that the client’s needs are met. Furthermore, if the candidate is successful and the role is temporary, the candidate is then taken on as the recruitment agencies staff, but will be working for the client, almost like a contractor. In this case, the recruitment agency is responsible for all that candidates HR, admin and payroll which again saves the client time and money.

How Does A Recruitment Agency Work?
Once an employer has identified a need for more staff and contacted a recruitment agency to do this on their behalf, this is when a recruitment consultant will step in. Upon agreeing a contract, and being provided with a brief job description, the consultant will start resourcing to find the right candidate. Job adverts will then be written and posted out on job boards to attract people to apply for the role. On a daily basis, agencies receive hundreds of applications for many different jobs, sometimes making it difficult to respond back to each individual.  The agency will also search their in-house database to see if the perfect candidate already exists in their records.  Don’t forget you can get added to our database by simply registering your CV online: /register.aspx

Once a shortlist of appropriate candidates has been gathered, the interview process will begin to decide who the most suitable person for the job is. If the client wants to interview the candidate themselves, the recruiter will ensure that it is fine to send over the candidate’s details to the employer.

When the right person is placed into a role by a recruiter, the agency will then look after the administration side of things, such as payroll, approving holiday requests and dealing with any further queries which may arise along the way.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Recruitment Agency?
Using a recruitment agency can have many advantages for both the candidates and clients that use them.

For employers, using an agency can save a lot of time and take the stress away of finding new employees without any recruitment skills, or dealing with any human resource issues such as holiday requests. Many recruitment agencies have expertise in many different fields so they have good connections to ensure that the right person is placed in the job.

If you are job searching, a recruitment agency can help you get back into work and find you a suitable role depending on your experience and skills. Recruiters will also help to prepare you for an interview and offer you valuable career advice so you can are able to progress. Quite often, recruiters advertise roles which are not available to view elsewhere, so it can helpful to have a quick search on their website.  

Who Are Baxter Personnel?
Baxter Personnel have over 20 years of recruitment experience, using refined strategies and processes to ensure we source the right candidate for job. Due to successfully placing many candidates in recent years, we have been able to branch out from our base in Darlington, to having branches as far as Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Being a generalist agency, we have placed candidates into roles from anything from warehouse operatives to florists to chefs.  We don’t just place temporary workers into roles; we also offer permanent positions through our clients, depending on the needs of their business.  

Baxter Personnel doesn’t just have a recruitment team; our accounts, operations and marketing departments also play a key role in ensuring that we find the perfect candidates to match the positions we recruit for.

If you would like to find out more about us, you can do so via our website: