Questions And Answers: What To Ask In An Interview?

Questions And Answers: What To Ask In An Interview?

Quite often job interviews can make you feel like you are on the receiving end of an interrogation. But an interview is also a great opportunity to get to know a potential employer and address any concerns.

Usually towards the end of an interview, a recruiter may ask if you have any questions for them.  The reason why interviewers do this is so candidates can demonstrate that they are really engaged in the role.  

Asking the right questions can leave a lasting impression on a recruiter and may even help you land the job. To ensure you ask at least one question, we have come up with 5 examples to ask during your next job interview:

1) Why Do You Like Working Here?
This question is a great way to connect with the employer on a personal level. Their answer will give an insight to any staff benefits which are on offer and what type of environment you will be working in.

2) How Is Performance Measured In The Role?
 Any question relating to performance will show a potential employer that you recognise the importance of working to the best of your ability. It will also indicate that you are willing to improve your performance after a review.  

3) Why Is This Vacancy Available?
Asking this question will give you an insight if this is a new role or if a current employee is leaving. If it is a new role, it will give you the opportunity to ask if the company is growing and why? If you are replacing a previous employee, it can give you an insight into the overall happiness of staff and if there are any opportunities to progress.

4) What Are The Qualities You Look For In A Successful Candidate?
The employer’s answer will give you an indication on how they would like to see you perform in the workplace and what type of person they look for.  Asking this question  will also demonstrate that you are looking ahead and are aware of what areas you will need to concentrate on if you are offered the position. 

5) What Is The Next Stage In The Recruitment Process?
Looking for a way to conclude your interview? – Ask this question! It will illustrate to the interviewer that you really want the job and are keen to move forward with the recruitment process.