Revealed: What Makes A Great Employee… (1)

Sometimes it can difficult to gauge what exactly a company is looking for in an employee, as it can vary so much between sectors.

Regardless of industry, job title and pay; all ideal candidates share a number of personality traits which any business would welcome.

We’ve compiled 9 qualities which you can apply to become a great employee…

  • Productive
    Nothing can replace the benefits of hard work. A productive employer is someone who knows how to prioritize tasks and manage their time well.  Going above and beyond the call of duty by putting in any additional hours and performing tasks outside your main workload will only put you in good stead with an employer. 
  • Detail-Focused
    A high attention to detail will ensure mistakes are less likely to be made if you complete tasks to the best of your ability. Always take extra time out to check the quality of work as this will put you streets ahead of those who wouldn’t.  
  • Ambitious
    Employees who are ambitious are more likely to go the extra mile and help the company achieve their goals or to make their own way up the corporate ladder. To an employer; ambition signals that a worker is a forward-thinker, go-getter and performs to the best of their ability.
  • Humble
    No one is a fan of a person who brags about all of their accomplishments. A preferred employee is someone who proves their value through their hard work and commitment and not so much through the power of words. However don’t forget to recognise any key achievements throughout your career so you are able to identify your key strengths and weaknesses.  
  • Committed
    Those who are committed to both the company and their role tend to outperform those who are not devoted to the cause.  A manager will be able to identify who enjoys their job as they will demonstrate a real passion for it.
  • Social
    A person who is able to communicate well with others will be hugely desirable by any employer; as you are more likely to fit in with the current company culture. By having cooperative members of staff, it will ensure that there will be minimal conflict within the workplace.
  • Creative
    For a business to grow and develop; they require people who are able to form great ideas. Those employees who are willing to experiment and think creatively to resolve issues and change procedures will help to improve the general productivity and experience for everyone within the company.
  • Honest
    Employees who are honest with their managers about what they feel is not working are highly valued as the company will be able to take steps to move forward and modify any problems.  Managers appreciate staff members who are willing to ask questions rather than sit in silence and struggle.
  • Positive
    Employers and co-workers alike generally enjoy being round someone who is happy and faces every situation with an upbeat mindset. Those with a positive attitude are more likely to overcome any problems as they are able to visualise the best possible outcome for any situation. Also don’t forget positive and happy behaviour is contagious and your smile may just spread throughout the workplace.