Blog Masterclass: How Blogging Can Help Your Career

Blog Masterclass: How Blogging Can Help Your Career

You may have heard how blogging can help unpublished writers get noticed or how it has even thrust people into fame and fortune. But have you considered that creating a blog can actually help  to propel your career forward?

Blogging is not just about writing your thoughts or opinions; you can share photos, videos or connect with others.  Whatever you choose to blog about it, it will demonstrate your personality and will increase your online presence in an ever developing digital world.

Do it right and it can even land you a new career! But how do you ensure that your blog is going to be a success? Take a look at our 5 steps below in becoming a blogging master:

Be Passionate
Before you create a blog, it is important to choose exactly what it should be about. We would advise to pick a subject which you’re passionate about, as this will encourage you to continue to compose interesting posts! But try to avoid any controversial or offensive topics as an employer may perceive you in a negative light.

Choose A Platform
Wordpress, Tumblr and Blogger; the list of blog websites is endless. Conduct some research on how user friendly each website is and take some time to play around with the different tools available. If you’re still unsure, create a ‘test blog’ across several sites, before your launch the real deal.  

Post Often
Blogs that are regularly updated get noticed more than those blogs that don’t. They also demonstrate to a potential employer that you have great time management skills and can connect with an online community on a regular basis. Try to pick a schedule which is best for you, whether it is once a week or once a month; a blog should be fun, not a chore.

Showcase Your Skills
A blog is a great opportunity to show off your best asserts, remember this doesn’t have be conveyed through just the writing. The design, your ability to generate a discussion or the level of communication which is displayed will put you in good stead with a potential employer.

Share, Share, Share
It is important to get your blog out there; especially if you want to connect with employers in your field. Share your blog on social media and remember to use relevant hashtags on sites such as Twitter and Instagram to gain more exposure.  If you want to showcase your blog on a more professional level why not join the site, LinkedIn where you can share your posts with others in your sector.  

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