CVS: Here To Serve A Purpose

CVS: Here To Serve A Purpose

A CV or a Curriculum Vitae loosely translates as ‘the course of my life’ and like life, no two CVs are ever the same. Your CV is also the only part of the hiring process of which you have full control of; after all you are the only person who decides what a potential employer sees.

Essentially, it is a marketing tool showcasing your experience, education and a story of your professional working life. But there is also much more to CVs than meets the eye

So we decided to delve a little bit further of what the purpose of a CV actually is…

Introduce You To A Potential Employer
Before your submit a CV to an employer, you are a complete stranger to them.  A CV demonstrates your intend of applying for a position, an interest in their company and it should also illustrate to an employer that you are the type of person which they should meet!

Convince Them Of Your Employability
A CV is a snapshot of your work history and qualifications, remember that employers only have a limited number of time to review each application. So remember to keep it short, well formatted and clearly written to further increase your chances of been selected for an interview.

Showcase Your Communication Skills
If an employer picks up your CV and it is grammatically correct and features no spelling errors, it will demonstrate to them that you have great communication skills and can process information well. Just remember to keep your CV up-to-date and tailored to the job which you are applying for to further exhibit your communication skills.

Propel You Forward
Last but no means least, remember the purpose of a CV is to propel you forward and it could be the start of a new career journey – how exciting! Remember if your CV is done correctly, it can make the different of landing that job interview or not!   

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