How To Survive Redundancy...

How To Survive Redundancy...

Unfortunately, during our working lives, redundancy is something that can happen to any of us. Lack of trade, falling profits and even changes in technology can signal redundancy for workers.  

Redundancy is not all doom and gloom though, it can actually signal a time for change.  

If you have recently been made redundant and are unsure what to do next, take a look at our 5 steps below…

1) Ensure Your CV Is Up-To-Date
First and foremost, before you venture into the job searching world, it is essential that your CV is up-to-date. Ensure you have all your relevant contact details inputted and remember to explain any gaps in your work history, as an employer will question this. With every CV, it is important to get the spelling and formatting right, so make sure you double check your document for any errors before you send it off to a potential employer. 

2) Sign Up With An Agency
Sometimes looking for work can seem like a daunting task,signing up with a recruitment agency can ease some of this pressure away.They will be able to offer your expert advice and can match you with suitable vacancies depending on your skills. Quite often, recruitment agencies will advertise roles which are not available anywhere else, so it is handy to keep an eye an out for opportunities on their website too.

3) Attend Job Fairs
Take some time to do your research and seek out any local job fairs in your area. They are a great opportunity to chat with potential employers and seek out any professional careers advice.  Don’t forget to also network with potential employers online; for instance you can join Facebook job groups, take part in ‘local hours’ on Twitter or connect with professionals in your field on LinkedIn.  

4) Organise Your Day
If you have recently lost your job due to redundancy, you maybe finding it difficult to organise your day. By setting time aside to search for a job, it can help to keep you focused and stay motivated during the process. Meeting up with others who are in a similar situation can also help you stay motivated during the job search, as they may be able to share some vital job hunting tips!

5) Take Some Time Out For Yourself
Last but no means least; remember to take some time out for yourself. Redundancy can be a stressful time for everyone involved, including close family members. Do something you enjoy and remember to seek out advice from professionals if you have concerns about income or finding the right role for you.

If you are currently looking for work, don’t forget you can register your CV with us here.