Brrrr! How Not To Lose Motivation At Work During The Winter!

Brrrr! How Not To Lose Motivation At Work During The Winter!

Since we put our clocks back last week, suddenly things have got a lot darker. The cold mornings can make it difficult to leap out of bed and the dark evenings can leave you feeling lethargic.

Motivation can plummet in the workplace too, but how do you raise morale and ensure that you are still on track during colder spells?

Follow our 5 tips below on you can boost productively during the winter months:

1) Create A List
Start each day by creating a to-do list of what you would like to complete that day. This is a great way to focus on the task in the hand and to enable a sense of achievement once you have managed to tick a task off your list.

2) Lighten Up Your Environment
Brighten up your workplace by ensuring you let all natural light flood in. Motivation can fall during the winter due to a lack of expose to natural light. Also invest in some new brighter work wear to further boost your mood!

3) Invest In Some Season Spirit
Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the fun has to be. Human interaction in the workplace is a great motivator to get going! Take part in any social activities to get to know your colleagues or put forward any suggestions you may have for the festive season!

4) Grab Some Exercise
Granted, exercise maybe the last thing on your mind during a cold snap. But by taking a brisk walk outside during your lunch hour can do wonders for your productively at work. Pop on a set of headphones and enjoy your favourite songs for an extra boost!

5) Look For A New Job
If you are still struggling to find motivation at work during the winter months, it maybe time to search for a new role! Use the dark evenings or any holiday time to update your CV, clean up your online presence and search for a new role. Don’t forget a lot of people put their job search on hold this time of year, so it means less competition for you when applying for a role.