How To Write The Perfect Interview Follow–Up!

How To Write The Perfect Interview Follow–Up!

Did you know that sending a follow-up email after a job interview can make you stand out from the competition?  

Even if you believe that the interview went badly, a follow-up email can still help to reflect your passion and persistence for a particular role.

But a follow-up email is not just a polite thank you message; it can help to demonstrate your suitability for the role, your interest in the business and to touch base on any unanswered questions from the interview.

If you are unsure on how to construct your email, take a look at our 5 pointers below…

Express Your Thanks
Begin your email by expressing your thanks to the interviewer for their time and for offering you the opportunity to interview with them. Remember to say how much you enjoyed meeting with them and for allowing you to have the opportunity to find out more about their business.

Timing Is Everything
Send your follow-up email in the first 24 hours after the interview has taken place. This can help it to be fresh in your mind, so you are able to recap on key points effectively with the interviewer.

Reinforce Your Suitability For The Role 
The follow-up email is a great opportunity to further illustrate your suitability for the job. Use the email to talk about specific points you discussed in the interview. But try to get the balance right of reinforcing your suitability and divulging too much information.

Keep It Short And Sweet
Keep your follow-up email as brief as possible, it is important not to go off on a tangent and to keep all content relevant.  Remember your interview was the opportunity to discuss things in further detail, so the follow up email should just act as a reminder to the recipient.  

Be A Pro
Keep your follow-up email as formal as possible, this will further demonstrate your level of professionalism and communication. Also remember to send your email from an appropriate address and to insert a suitable topic in the subject bar.

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