How To Perfect Body Language For Your Next Job Interview

How To Perfect Body Language For Your Next Job Interview

It has been proven that body language can convey a lot of information about a person. For that reason, your body language during a job interview has a substantial effect on the interviewer’s perception of you.

Many interviewers have the ability to read body language and are aware when candidates are feeling anxious or displaying any negative emotions. Therefore it is essential for your body language to match with what is coming out of your mouth.

Want to perfect your body language for your next job interview? Take a look at our 5 tips below…

Sit Up Straight
Posture is everything in an interview; after all would you feel enthusiastic about a person who is slouched in their seat?  By sitting up straight with your shoulders facing the interviewer can only help to demonstrate your eagerness for the role and the company.  

Make Eye Contact
Sometimes nerves can get the better of us and you may find it hard to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. But by taking the opportunity to make eye contact can only increase your chances of landing the job. Remember if there is more than one person who is interviewing you; make sure that you make equal eye contact with all parties.

Walk The Walk
Your positive body language should start even before you enter the interview room. It takes just mere seconds for a stranger to form a first impression of you. You can make a great entrance by standing up straight and by directing your body towards the person you are meeting.

Keep Your Feet Firmly On The Ground
Crossing your legs can be a sign of defence, by keeping both feet firmly on the ground you will be able to portray a more open attitude towards the interviewer.  By keeping your feet firmly on the ground can also help to prevent any foot tapping, which can be a sign of anxiety during an interview.

Lean In
Leaning in during a conversation will illustrate your interest in the person who is speaking and will also help to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. If you do the opposite and lean back, this can convey a disinterest in the interviewer or the position.

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