How To Survive A Networking Event

How To Survive A Networking Event

Local networking events are a great opportunity to connect with potential employers before you even apply for a role. If you manage to get networking right, it can even help you climb up the career ladder.

However networking can be a daunting prospect for even the most outgoing of characters. Quite often you will find yourself arriving alone where you will be faced with a room full of strangers, who are all eager to make a great first impression.

But don’t let that prospect put you off, by expanding your network and the number of contracts in your circle, will only help to increase your chances of landing that next role. After all, you don’t know who you may meet at a networking event!

So if you are looking to flourish at networking but you’re unsure how to, take a look at our 5 pointers below…

1) Be Prepared
Before you sign yourself up to attend a networking event, it is essential that you conduct some research first.  Take a look at who the event is aimed at; for instance is it for people who work in your particular industry? It is also vital that you tidy up any social media profiles before you attend the event, as others may want to look you up online afterwards.  Also check to see if there is going to be any guest speakers or workshops during the event; be prepared for them by conducting some vital research on the topics which will be covered.  

2) Be Confident
Granted, having confidence doesn’t come easy to the majority of us, however having the ability to approach and speak with strangers can put you in good standing with any potential employers who maybe in the room.  Confidence also comes down to being prepared beforehand, for instance having a clear aim of what you would like to achieve during the event.

3) Have A Listening Ear
Being able to listen efficiently to others will help to showcase your communication skills to any potential employers. It will also give you the opportunity to think up any suitable questions that you may have for others at the event.

4) Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin
While it is great to speak with as many people as possible, it is important not to spread yourself too thin by speaking with everyone in the room.  After all, you want to be able to form relationships with potential employers, which can only be achieved by having more in-depth conversations.

5) Take Notes
If you manage to gain someone’s business card or any information regarding their company, make sure you take a pen with you, so you can jot down any additional notes once they leave. Your notes will later act as a reminder when you choose to connect with them again on either an online or a face to face basis.