5 Reasons Why You Should Continue Your Job Search Over The Festive Period

5 Reasons Why You Should Continue Your Job Search Over The Festive Period

It’s the week between Christmas and New Year and you’re probably still feeling rather full from too much turkey. It is more than likely to be the busiest time on your social calendar as well, so anything career related is usually the last thing on your list. You may also believe the common misconception that many companies halt business during this period and don’t make any new hires.

However the festive season can be the perfect opportunity to climb the career ladder!  It can also be the ideal time for you to continue (or start!) your job search before the January rush takes place.

Still not convinced? Well take a look at our 5 reasons below on why the Christmas season is the ideal time to job search…

1) Lack Of Competition
Take a look around you, what are others doing? Are they searching for a new job? The answer is more than likely to be a ‘no.’ A lot of job seekers halt their search over this period, as they feel like they don’t have enough time to dedicate to it. This in turn means there are fewer candidates who are applying for job vacancies, therefore increasing your chances of landing an interview.

2) Opportunity To Network
How’s your diary looking at this time of year?  We bet it’s jam packed full of social events! You may not usually consider festive dinners a key time to improve your career prospects but networking over the Christmas period can be ideal for finding that next job role. After all you never know you are going to meet over some turkey sandwiches; they could just be the ticket to finding your next position.  

3) Get Ahead Of The Game
A new job is quite often the number one priority on New Year’s resolution lists. This can mean that there is a huge surge of applications at the start of any year. By submitting your CV before the January rush, you will beat other candidates and hopefully get noticed more by the hiring manager.

4) Use Your Time Off Productively
If you are already in employment, it can sometimes be difficult to dedicate some spare time to a job search. Many businesses give employees time off during the festive period; so this can be the perfect opportunity to update your CV, identify any vacancies you’re interested in and to connect with any suitable business contacts.  

5) Companies Are Still Open For Business
Christmas is quite often a time for things to slow down and for many of us to take a break from the working world; however many companies will continue to be open for business. A lot of employers may also choose December to interview candidates, so they are able to meet any end of year deadlines.