How To Successfully Swap Job Sectors

How To Successfully Swap Job Sectors

The jobs market has changed; many employees no longer choose to stick with one company, yet alone in the same sector for their whole career. However, it can still be a very scary prospect to land a job outside your current field.

People decide to change their career for a number of different reasons; including seeking a new challenge or because their current employer is downsizing.

If you fancy a change of direction, take a look at our 5 tips below before taking the plunge…

1) Do Your Research
Before rushing into a career change and making any drastic decisions, it’s important to do some due diligence.  Research into any duties which you will be required to do and the type of companies who are currently recruiting. If you know someone who is already in your desired industry, meet up with them to pick their brains about any insider knowledge. 

2) Gain Work Experience
The first step in landing a different job is gaining some work experience. A voluntary position relating to your chosen sector is a great starting point in gaining that valuable expertise. A work placement will also demonstrate to a potential employer that you have a real passion for a particular role and that you are motivated to achieve your goals.

3) Get Connected
Being able to successful network with others in your chosen field can have a huge impact on being able to land a new role. Attend any suitable networking events and remember to connect with relevant business contacts online through LinkedIn and Twitter.

4) Utilise Your Transferable Skills
Time management, team work and problem solving; are just some transferable skills which can be used across all sectors. Don’t forget many employers look at more than just job titles when reviewing an application. Remember to tailor your CV to the job which you are applying for and relate any previous experience to your targeted industry.  

5) Return To The Classroom
Sometimes having a desire for a different job is simply not enough and you may need to undertake a new qualification. Remember there are always options available to complete any qualifications on a part time basis or through a distance learning course; so you are still able to fit in your current commitments.  

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