5 Ways You Can Nail An Assessment Day

5 Ways You Can Nail An Assessment Day

Assessment days have now become a large part of the recruitment process, and likewise to any other job interview they can be a scary prospect.

You can expect a number of activities to take place at your assessment day; including presentations, group tasks and psychometric tests; which evaluate and monitor a candidate’s skills against set criteria.

If you have an assessment day coming up, take a look our 5 pointers on how you can be successful:

1) Be Yourself
During an assessment day, your personality and how you interact with others will be analysed. Don’t try to second guess what type of person the recruiter is looking for, as it’s impossible to keep up a different type of personality for an extended period of time. Instead you should let your natural personality shine through and try to enjoy the assessment day as much as possible.  

2) Prepare
Like other interviews, you need to take some time out to prepare for an assessment centre beforehand. Think about how you are going to introduce yourself and how you may answer some common interview questions. You may get asked to prepare a short presentation; don’t forget to practice this in front of friends and family beforehand to get the timing right.  Finally, remember to go overboard researching your potential employer as there is a high chance that you’ll be questioned about the company.  

3) Demonstrate Enthusiasm
If you are willing to approach each task given to you in the assessment centre enthusiastically you are more likely to expect a positive outcome. The most successful candidates are those who are ready to have a go at any exercise, show interest in other candidates and are active in discussions.  

4) Listen & Co-operate
A large part of an assessment day will involve tasks on how you communicate with others as an employer will keen to see if you will fit in with the current workforce. Avoid any temptation to argue with, criticise or interrupt others in the group. Ensure that you address any task in a diplomatic way and allow other members to contribute. 

5) Request Feedback
Whatever the outcome of the assessment day is; don’t forget to request feedback from the employer. This can help to pinpoint the areas which you might want to improve on during a future assessment centre and help to further develop your career in the future.