The Benefits Of A Summer Job

The Benefits Of A Summer Job

Last week, Britain was engulfed in a heatwave; granted it has cooled down significantly since then, but we can’t deny we are currently in the midst of summer.  

The hottest season of the year can be a great time to take on a short-term assignment for a number of reasons. Apart from the obvious boost to your bank balance, the benefits of a temporary summer job can definitely outweigh any cons.  We’ve compiled a list of the many benefits a short-term contract can give a worker…

A Step Onto The Ladder
‘I need a job to gain experience, but I need experience to gain a job’ is something which you may find yourself saying. Temporary summer work can present you with the ideal opportunity to gain vital experience. Many employers are willing to offer people a temporary position based on transferable skills or personality traits rather than having a particular industry qualification or experience.  Plus if you shine in your short-term role, you may find your position turning from temporary to permanent in no time.

Develop Your Skills
No matter which role you take up during the summer months, we can guarantee that you will improve and diversify your skillset.  If you are considering a career change, taking up a temporary position in your desired field can help you gain the valuable experience which is needed. A short-term contact can also give you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ so to speak; so you can experience a new career before fully committing to it.

Get Connected
A temporary summer role can offer you a vast amount of opportunities to network with the right people.  You may bump into someone who can point you in the right direction of making the next step in your career.  Even if you only gain a glowing reference, a temporary position is well worth it as it will help you out with future applications.  

If you struggle with the concept of groundhog day, temporary work can you offer you some variety in the workplace. At a summer placement; you may find yourself moving from department to department, assisting on multiple projects and working in various environments.  You are more likely to be engaged in your work, if you are experiencing different aspects of a company on a daily or weekly basis.  

Enjoy Flexibility
Short term contracts, fixed term assignments, internships and shorter notice periods; are just some of the things you will encounter during a temporary summer position.  This can work well for many people who may have different commitments outside of the workplace or who are seeking a ‘stop gap job’ before they make their next career move.

Earn Extra £££
If you find yourself  in a position where you are out of work, a short-term contract maybe a good way to remain in employment and ensure you have a steady flow of income.  If you are willing to take on a temporary position while you wait for the right role to come up, it will convey to a potential employer that you have a proactive and positive nature, which is highly valued.  

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