How To Write A Resignation Letter

How To Write A Resignation Letter

You’re moving on, you’ve signed on the dotted line and you’re ready to wave ‘bye bye’ to your current company.

However there is something standing in your way, that’s right, a resignation letter.  This official document will help to set the tone for your notice period, as well as your future relationship with the company.

Whatever your reason for leaving, there is no right or wrong way to quit. However by following our guide below, it should help you to resign in the right way…

Step One: The Opening
Like any formal letter, it’s important to include your name, your address, the date and who you are addressing the letter to.  From offset, it’s important to get the tone right, if you compose a letter which is of the right level of decorum, it will only speak volumes about your professionalism.

Step Two: The Explanation
Don’t worry about being too creative when composing your resignation letter. Simply state the facts; the position which you are resigning from and the date which you attend to leave. Keeping it simple is all you need to do here.

Step Three: The Gratitude
Your employer will be grateful if you include your personal thanks to them in your resignation letter.  It’s always a good idea to thank them for the opportunity and state a number of things which you feel you have enjoyed about the role and what you have learnt from your time at the company.  This will leave a lasting impression of you which may come in handy when you need a reference further down the line.

Step Four: The Sign Off
Finally, to conclude your letter, state your willingness to help out the company during your noticed period. This may involve helping with the recruitment or training process of a new staff member. You should also state that you will be committed to the end and willing to perform all of your duties throughout your notice period.

Step Five: The Feel-good Factor
Once you’ve completed your resignation letter, revel in the fact that you have successfully landed a new job.  Remember resigning from one job and starting a new one is just part and parcel of the process and you shouldn’t feel unnerved about handing in your notice to your current employer.