The End To Job Hopping

The End To Job Hopping

We are a generation of job hoppers; more and more of us are jumping from one role to the next and are ditching spending our whole career with a single employer.  

However if a candidate has low longevity, this can set alarm bells ringing for a recruiter. Alongside having gaps in your employment history, spending a small amount of time at each workplace can jeopardise your chances of landing a new role.

Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming process,; so an employer will only want to invest in those who have a stable work history and are not likely to jump ship.  

Take a look at our pointers below on how you can extend your job longevity:

Know What You Want
The secret to quitting job hopping is to truly know what you want. However, it isn’t as straight forward as this; so before you apply for role, make sure you conduct a tonne of research into the company’s culture and the common tasks which you will be expect to complete on a daily basis.  

Gain A Promotion
Taking on extra responsibilities at work is great way to boost your longevity as it can sometimes lead to promotion. Keep an eye out for any new internal opportunities which are coming up and contact any relevant member of staff who will be able to help you move up the career ladder.

Set Goals
A large percentage of people continue to job hop because they feel unmotivated in their current role. Set achievable and personal goals at work to help you stay motivated.   By taking on new challenges, you will improve your skillset and impress your employer at the same time! 

Don't Panic
Remember each job has its ups and downs and its good and bad days. Having good longevity will illustrate to a potential employer that you don’t panic if a problem arises at work and you will remain loyal to your current employer even through difficult times.