The Similarities Between Athletes and Job Seekers

The Similarities Between Athletes and Job Seekers

All eyes are currently on Rio as the city hosts the 2016 Olympics. Hundreds of athletes from around the world are getting geared up to win a place on the podium. 

But what makes an Olympian? Drive, resilience and commitment are just some of the characteristics which you may think of when envisioning a successful athlete.   

But what is the connection between a sportsperson and a job seeker? We explore the similarities in our latest blog post…

They Have An Aim
All athletes have a clear aim; whether that is to make the national team, win gold at the Olympics or to set a new world record. The same applies to job seekers; many of us may want to change jobs for a number of reasons; including to gain further responsibilities or to change sectors.  By having a clear aim, you can put the steps in place to reach your intended career goal.

They Practice A Lot
No sportsperson becomes the top of their game without a little practice and preparation. The same applies if you are currently looking for a new job. Practice can make perfect, especially if you land an interview.  Put yourself in good stead by conducting research about the company, practicing common interview questions and considering some of things which you may want to ask the recruiter.

They Deal With Knockbacks
While some athletes may physically jump over hurdles, many have to deal with overcoming mental hurdles as they encounter knockbacks. The same applies to job seekers who will often have to come head to head with an interview rejection before landing their next role.  Likewise to athletes, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude while job hunting to enable you to move forward.

They Try Different Techniques
When training, athletes don’t just concentrate on the sport which they compete in. For instance a professional swimmer may take some time out of the pool to go for a run to ensure they are in peak condition. In your job hunt, consider different techniques you can use to search for a job, for instance through social media or at networking events. Also if you are struggling to find a position in a particular sector, consider looking at other job roles which would suit your skillset.  

They Are Committed
The key to becoming a leading athlete is commitment from the individual.  Many athletes begin their careers at a very young age and dedicate a large amount of time to it. If you are determined to gain a new role, it’s important to dedicate several hours to it and following up any recruitment leads which you may encounter.  

They Have A Passion
The passion which athletes have for their sport is remarkable. At times, their passion is something which can keep them going during difficult times.  If you are a job seeker, you may decide to pursue a career which you would enjoy. If you are considering turning your passion into a career, take a look at our article on how you can transform your hobby into a rewarding job.

They Don’t Let It Consume Their Lives
Many athletes take time away from the sport to pursue other avenues or to enjoy time with friends and family. The same applies to your job search; don’t allow it to consume every aspect of your life, it’s important to take regular breaks and indulge in something which you enjoy.