Need To Write An Article For LinkedIn? We Show You How!

Need To Write An Article For LinkedIn? We Show You How!

Composing a LinkedIn article is a great way to gain exposure from potential employers and other business professionals. Your published piece can demonstrate that you have a real passion for a particular industry, that you possess fantastic communication skills and are forward –thinking.

But how do you get started? It can be difficult to decide on what topic to write about, never mind how to write it effectively. If you’re struggling to get started, we show you how to write a killer LinkedIn article in our latest blog post…

Keep It Relevant
LinkedIn is primary a business network, therefore any personal content should be kept well way, not to mention any controversial topics. You should concentrate on areas of business expertise and keep your writing focused; try not to cover too many subjects in one piece, as this can make it difficult for the audience to follow. Remember there is no word count on LinkedIn articles; however you should always break your content down into paragraphs to make it easier for the reader to digest.

Tailor Your Title
You title is one of the most important aspects of a LinkedIn article as it is often the first thing which a reader would see, therefore try and make it catchy! Did you know that including a number in the title of your post increases your views not just on LinkedIn but across other social networks?  Audiences also react well to guides that show them ‘how to do’ something such as ‘how to write a successful cover letter.’

Ask Your Audience Questions
When you publish an article on LinkedIn, ideally you would like an audience to interact with it and show interest. The best way to do this is to ask questions throughout your article, such as if they agree or disagree with a key point.  By encouraging participation, you are more likely to network with new people and you article is likely to get shared.

Images Are Just As Important
The old phrase ‘a picture can speak a thousand words’ certainly rings true here. If you are unsure of what pictures you can use, take a look at some free online stock image sites as there is plenty of choice out there.  If you want to ensure your image looks the best it can be, resize it to LinkedIn’s preferred dimensions (it’s 700 x 400 pixels by the way.) Also don’t forget about LinkedIn’s embedded tool; where you can easily insert any additional images or videos throughout the body of the text.

Pay Attention To When You Publish
Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a network aimed at business professionals; therefore it is likely to get the most views during working hours. Choose to publish your post at the start of a traditional working week such as between a Monday – Wednesday; as people are more likely to have a business-focused mind during this time.  It is less likely that people are looking at LinkedIn as the week draws to an end as the audiences’ priorities can change. 

Add Tags
Just like hashtags on either Twitter or Instagram, adding tags to your article can help it to be found more across the social network.  LinkedIn currently allows you to add up to 3 tags therefore it’s essential to keep your tags relevant to your industry and article topic.

Preview Your Content
Just like any other published forms of writing, it’s important to ensure that you haven’t missed any grammatical mistakes or typos before you publish. After all, potential employers may just spot your article and this could put any future job applications into jeopardy.

Share It!
Finally, don’t forget to share your article; especially across other social networks. Twitter is a good example of this, as it can also be aimed towards business professionals.  This will help to draw people towards your LinkedIn profile and your experience is more likely to get noticed.  

Have you got any additional tips on how to compose a successful LinkedIn article? – Let us know! Don’t forget you can also follow Baxter Personnel on LinkedIn.