The Secret To Gaining More Responsibility At Work

The Secret To Gaining More Responsibility At Work

You’ve now been in your role for a while, you’ve managed to ace your current duties and your employer seems happy with your progress. However you are now ready to make the next step and take on more.

After all, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to take on additional responsibilities is a great way to grow both professionally and personally.

But how do you gain extra responabilities in the workplace? Our five steps will guide you on how to take on more professional challenges…  

1) Mention It To Your Manager
Unless it is a particular busy period at your company, you might not get offered additional responsibilities outside of your normal duties.  Go to your Supervisor to see if there are any further tasks which you can work on. Think about which skills you want to develop and see if there is an opportunity for you to do just that. Beforehand, have a number of specific points you want to bring up so you can demonstrate that you are focused enough to take on a new challenge. 

2) Become An Expert
By continuously acquiring new knowledge and keep up-to-date with all the relevant news within your industry, you will soon gain a reputation as been an expert in your field.  A great way to stay present is to set up alerts on Google on a particular subject or search Twitter for industry hashtags. If you’re viewed as being an ‘expert’ in your particular sector, it is likely you will be the first person the company goes to when they need to distribute a new task. 

3) Take Part In Extracurricular Activities
A lot of workplaces encourage their employees to take part in extracurricular activities such as being in a sports team. If you step up outside of the workplace and demonstrate responsibility, it is likely that this will soon get recognised within the business and you will be offered additional responsibility.

4) Avoid Any Office Gossip
If you are seeking a step up at work and have your eye set on a managerial position, keep in mind that an employer would seek a candidate who is able to work well with others. By avoiding any workplace gossip and getting on well with people from all levels, it is likely that you will be considered when it comes to recruiting for a more senior role.

5) Be Consistent
To be considered for more responsibility at work, it’s important to demonstrate a consistent good working attitude. Always aim to complete tasks to the best of your ability and be honest with your employer if you experience any bumps in the road. To gain additional responsibilities, you need to prove that you can handle your original ones effectively. By constantly demonstrating that you are a genuinely hard worker, you will find yourself one step closer to gaining extra responsibilities in the workplace.