5 Personality Traits Employers Seek

5 Personality Traits Employers Seek

For companies to be successful, they need to hire the right people. It might sound simple enough; however when faced with several competent and equally qualified potential employees, a hiring manager will look towards an individual’s personal traits to make the final decision.  The recruiter needs reassurance that the person who they are hiring will not only be competent enough to perform key duties but will also fit in with the company’s culture.

To make it a little easier for you to judge what an employee is looking for in a candidate, we have compiled a list of some of the most sought-after characteristics…

1) Resilience
No matter which role you go for or what sector you’re in, it is likely that you will face a number of challenges ahead. Companies are fond of people who are able to show they possess ‘true grit’ as they need reassurance that employees will stay even when they encounter problems. During the recruitment process, a recruiter will assess your level of resilience by asking you to demonstrate a time when you have overcome a difficult situation in the workplace.

2) Leadership
By possessing leadership qualities, it demonstrates that you have the willingness to accept responsibility for particular tasks and your actions.  It is also likely that you have the ability to motivate and influence other members of the team to get the job done efficiently and implement change within the organisation.  

3) Likeability
Teamwork is key to business success; therefore companies seek individuals who can get on well with other people. Your past experience of working within a team can be very attractive to a potential employer. Also demonstrating that you are a warm, friendly individual who is willing to cooperate with others during the recruitment process will put you in good stead.

4) Self-reliance
Candidates who are self-motiving and don’t require a large amount guidance to do the job are great prospects for employers. If you are self-reliant, it is highly likely that you are able to prioritise your workload effectively and get the job done. Demonstrating that you have a real passion for the role and you want to make a real impact at the company will only help to illustrate that you are self-motivated.   

5) Courage
If an employee has courage, it is likely that they are willing to take risks and accept new challenges, even when there is a high possibility of failure.  Courage can also mean that an employee is willing to speak up if they have made an error or are unsure about a particular task. You can demonstrate your courage in the interview by asking questions about elements of the job which you feel unsure about.