5 Reasons you shouldn't stop job hunting over the festive period

5 Reasons you shouldn't stop job hunting over the festive period

It is very tempting to take a pause on your job search over the festive season. However the period offers great opportunities to get ahead of your competition and bring in the New Year with your dream job. Here are 4 key reasons why continuing your search over the festive season will be rewarding.

1) Time stops for no-one!

Those who choose to take a break from job hunting over the festive season are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage. Companies will continue to advertise job vacancies despite the time of year. Many businesses will want to get the tedious process of hiring out of the way before the New Year, having the new staff members start first thing in January. Also, in December managers with “use it or lose it” budgets will take the opportunity to hire new staff and are, therefore, more likely to advertise their jobs at this time of year. It is also important to remember just because you apply for a role in December it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll start immediately and you may still be able to take a much desired break over the festive period.

2) Beat Competition

Although there is still a high number of jobs advertised throughout the festive season the numbers of individuals applying for these vacancies tend to fall. Many people choose to take a break over the period and resume their job hunt in the New Year.  This gives you a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition and avoid the rush of people wanting a new job for the New Year. Applying to jobs over the festive season allows you to get an advantage over those waiting until January, as many jobs will only be available over the festive season and those who choose to wait until January will miss out.

3) Out with the old and in with the new…

The number of individuals quitting their jobs over the festive period continues to increase, with the outlook of starting fresh with a new job in the New Year. Although this is worrying to many companies it provides current job seekers with a great opportunity. As a consequence of more people leaving their jobs over the Christmas period more job vacancies arise and it is therefore a great time of year to find a job.

4) Increase your attractiveness to employers

With the dark nights and general winter blues it can sometimes be hard to motivate yourself to look for jobs over the festive season. Continuing your search throughout the Christmas period can show employers your determination and resilience as well as your ability to self-motivate. These attributes are highly attractive to employers and your decision to apply throughout the festive period can be very rewarding.

5) Seasonal Hires

Some companies will look to hire multiple temporary Christmas staff. These vacancies are great for those who want to gain some experience. Despite being taken on as a temporary member of staff many of these companies will consider keeping on individuals permanently who have proved to be an asset to their business. Also because of this it makes it much harder to find positions with these companies in the New Year, as they will likely fill any positions with their temporary hires.