With the New Year comes the desire for a fresh start, with resolutions for improvement and for many, the aspiration of a new job. Although January presents job seekers with great opportunities it is also highly competitive – after all, if you’ve thought about starting a new year with a new job its likely others have too. Here are 4 simple steps you can follow to make sure you hit the ground running with your 2017 job search.

SET CLEAR GOALS– Make a set plan of your career goals for 2017 and, consider which sort of industries you wish to work in. This will make your job hunt more targeted and will help to increase your likelihood of success, as well as save you a substantial amount of time sifting through jobs you have no interest in.

EDIT YOUR CV–Before you do anything else, it is essential that you ensure your CV is as close to perfection as possible. Many candidates make the mistake of reusing old CVs to save time. Taking some time to reread and edit your CV can have a big impact on your application’s success – one spelling mistake can be the difference between your application being binned and an offer of an interview.

HAVE A SUITABLE EMAIL ADDRESS–It is very important that you have an email address that sounds professional. We’ve all been there, when you’re younger you think its great to feature your favourite celebrity or fictional character in your email address, however, has nowhere near the degree of professionalism as if you had simply used your own name. First impressions are everything. Your email usually appears at the top of a CV; an unsuitable email can effectively damage your prospects before the employer even reads your application. 

MANAGE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS– Many employers have started to look at candidates social media accounts to get an impression of the individual’s suitability for a role. A drunken photo from a year ago or a ranting post may seem innocent enough at the time but can actually harm your chances of employment. Generally, if you wouldn’t let your family see you acting like that then an employer will most definitely be put off by your actions. Make sure that you remain polite online or at the very least change your privacy settings.  

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