6 New Year Resolutions That Will Improve Your Job Search In 2017

6 New Year Resolutions That Will Improve Your Job Search In 2017

Did you end 2016 feeling under accomplished and floundering? Looking for a new job for the New Year? Setting yourself these 6 simple resolutions this year can help you to kick start your career and ensure that 2017 is the best yet!

1. Be more selfish

Put aside some of your other responsibilities for a while and focus on yourself. Putting in the time and effort to determine what it is you actually want out of your career can help you a great deal when looking for a job.

2. Be more diligent when monitoring your online presence

Most employers will Google you before offering you an interview to get an impression of your character. You may have had a fun filled Christmas break however; uploading all your antics online can give companies the wrong impression. Taking the time this year to ensure images and comments you post are appropriate will go a long way in ensuring you present yourself online in the best light.

3. Get a game plan!

Decide what you want to achieve this year and determine how you want to do it.Setting out a clear planwill not only help you to target your search more effectively but can also help to create some clarityfurther down the line when you’re feeling confused or demotivated.

4. Get yourself a hobby

Taking up a hobby can increase your attractiveness to employers. A hobby can demonstrate dedication, patience, loyalty and prove that you’re a team player. Simply showing employers that you aren’t just sitting around doing nothing will make you more attractive to a company. Hobbies can also help you to stand out and can make you more memorable during the interview process.

5. Network

Resolve to actively network more. Networking can be very daunting and, therefore, many will choose to avoid it. Making the decision to push yourself and network more readily can have a big impact on your career prospects, helping you to gain essential contacts in the industry you wish to enter.

6. Allow yourself time

Although it may seem like a good idea to apply for anything and everything, even if you’ve narrowed it down to a specific industry, you may actually end up landing yourself a job you hate. Instead, allocate yourself enough time to find jobs that you will enjoy, read through job descriptions thoroughly and research the company you’re applying to.

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