10 CV Mistakes to Avoid

10 CV Mistakes to Avoid

A CV is an employer’s first impression of you and first impressions are everything! Many of us are making the same mistakes when writing CVs, which, ultimately, harms your employability.  Here are 10 mistakes you should avoid when writing your CV to boost your chance of success.

1. Irrelevant information– If it isn’t directly relevant to the job don’t use it! This will waste space and can draw attention away from factors that could help land you the job.

2. Too vague– Generalising your CV can put you at a disadvantage! Personalising your CV for an industry or organisation can help set you apart from other candidates and demonstrate your enthusiasm.

3. Unsuitable formatting– Having an elaborate CV design may look good on your desktop but can be distorted when opened on another computer.  If you really want a fancy format then ensure you save it as a PDF, otherwise the contents may move and make the document unreadable.

4. Badly placed name– Do not put your name anywhere other than the top of the page.  If the CV template does not allow you to put your name at the top then change the template.  If your name isn’t prominently displayed at the top of a CV it can be ignored due to inconvenience.

5. Too long –There is a general rule that CVs should be no longer than 2 pages.  Too many pages can make it hard for an employer to find the relevant information, and generally puts them off reading the whole CV.

6. Lengthy references– You have limited space on your CV so don’t waste it by putting long references in it. If an employer needs a reference they will ask for it, it will, therefore, be enough to simply state that references are available upon request.

7. Writing in the third person– Many people make the mistake of writing in the third person. This method can put off employers as you can come across as arrogant and give an employer the wrong first impression.  

8. Bending the truth– Bending the truth a little can seem harmless at the time but it can have a negative impact on your employability. If you cannot explain/discuss a topic that is on your CV then don’t use it as it may come up in an interview. Failing to answer questions on the topic will make it obvious that you have lied and can make employers question your character.

9. Too much trust in spell check– Though this feature can be a life saver, it does not always take into account the context of a sentence. Rereading your CV and having someone else give it a look over can help clear up any silly mistakes that may not have been picked up by a spell check.

10. Silly email addresses– Contact details will typically appear at the top of a CV, making them one of the first things an employer sees. An unprofessional email address can instantly give an employer the wrong impression and discourage them from reading the rest of your CV.

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