How To Nail LinkedIn Etiquette

How To Nail LinkedIn Etiquette

LinkedIn has revolutionized the way recruiters source new talent. It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure you have a great profile and make a strong impact on the network to get noticed.

If you’re looking to utilise the tool to improve your career prospects, take a look at our essential ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of nailing this social network…


  • Complete Your Profile
    Rule number one of ensuring you get the maximum out of your LinkedIn network is to complete all required fields. Your profile should reflect the same information which is on your CV and should remain factual. Unlike other social networks, treat LinkedIn as a professional document and keep all information appropriate.  
  • Add A Photo
    Did you know that by adding a picture, you’re profile is more likely to get viewed? It’s best to choose a head shot with a clear background and steer clear from having other people in your pic. Also select a current photo which reflects how you look on a daily basis.
  • Get Connected
    If you are a seeking a new role, don’t be afraid to connect with the recruiter at your desired company, drop them a quick message mentioning you are looking for new opportunities and are interested in the role. Remember it’s not about the amount of connections you have but the quality of them.
  • Follow Key Companies
    If you’re looking to make a career move, take some time to follow key companies or join any relevant groups in your sector. That way you’ll be able to conduct some essential research about a business and keep up-to-date with the latest industry news.
  • Be Active
    There is no point of having a great profile and helpful connections if you don’t keep your account active. Each day; like and comment on key stories on your network to keep your name at the forefront of people’s minds. A couple of times a week share relevant articles or any updates from your current employer.


  • Forget Your Attention To Detail
    Just as you would with a CV, it’s essential that you ensure all details are up-to-date and a spell check is performed before publishing any updates. Make sure you insert any job titles, company names and key duties to give the recruiter an overview of your experience.
  • Ignore Messages
    Just received a private message? If you’re not currently seeking a new role don’t just ignore it! After all you don’t know what changes are ahead with you current position. Politely thank them for getting in touch with you and mention that you will let them know when your circumstances change.
  • Spam The Timeline
    We’re probably all too familiar with that one person who feels need to post 10 different updates a day. As a rule, post a couple of updates a week to keep your account active but don’t go overboard. Also don’t be tempted to share any inappropriate and personal content, including any animal memes!
  • Forget Your Privacy Settings
    When you’re busy giving your profile an overhaul, you don’t want to send your connections loads of updates! Ensure your ‘notify my network’ button is well and truly turned off.   
  • Pester The Recruiter
    Have you just applied for a role or discussed a potential new job over LinkedIn? While it’s good to connect with the recruiter and discuss the opportunity, there is a very fine line between being enthusiastic about the position and being annoying. Make sure you are the former.  

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