You don’t always have to apply to be considered for a potential role. These days, employers and recruitment agencies are utilising online CV databases, and even social media to search for prospective candidates that may be suitable. This means that you could be put in the running for a job, as a result of your online presence, without even having to directly apply for the role. It is essential that you increase your visibility with employers when looking for a new opportunity or you could be missing out on some great openings! Here are 6 ways you can increase your visibility with employers and improve your chances of securing a job.

1.      Network

Networking, both online and offline, can help you to generate connections within an industry you wish to enter. The more connections you have in an industry the better! This will help put you on an employer’s radar and could help to put you in the running for a role. Networking will not only help to develop relationships with those in an industry, but could also flag up potential career opportunities that you may never have been aware of without your connections.

2.      Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn acts as a virtual CV. More and more employers are using LinkedIn to find potential candidates. Creating a profile can help increase your likelihood of landing a job, as it increases your visibility with hiring managers. LinkedIn allows you to use keywords to describe your attributes and achievements, which helps employers find you, when searching for a candidate.

3.      Sign Up to Job Boards

Many online job boards, such as Indeed and Reed, allow you to sign up and upload your CV. This feature helps employers find you. If you are using job boards without an account you are missing out! Key words in your profile and CV will help to flag you up as a potential candidate with employers registered on the site, and put you into the running for roles you may never have been aware of.

4.      Register with a recruitment agency

There are countless jobs out there, finding them all and filtering out those that you are suitable for takes a long time. Registering your CV with a recruitment agency will help to put you into the running for upcoming vacancies – allowing them to consider your skills and experience when filling a role, without necessarily needing you to apply for a specific vacancy.  

5.      Personalise your CV

Personalising your CV for a specific industry can help to put you in the running for a role. Many employers and recruiters will look for key terms in your CV to assess your suitability for a job. Job descriptions often provide a list of required experience and skills – adding these into your CV will make you more attractive to hiring managers! Also, if you were to upload your CV online key words will help employers find you when they are searching for potential candidates.

6.      Join Discussions

Social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, allow members to create groups. Groups that are industry specific will often include members that have already established a career in that industry. Discussions often take place within these group and provide a great opportunity to raise your visibility with potential employers and help you to display your knowledge and expertise. Commenting on relevant news articles and blogs can also help to demonstrate your knowledge. However, be aware that openly complaining to a manger about their company’s practises or generally criticising others can have a negative impact on your employability. Maintain a positive presence within discussions and ensure your comments are suitable and constructive.


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