Considering an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are available in a wide variety of industries, from fashion to engineering and offer a great way to break into a profession and earn while you learn! An apprentice can be a recent school leaver, someone looking to expand their skillset or an individual wanting to enter a new industry.

Here are 6 advantages to starting an apprenticeship:

1.      Practical experience

Apprenticeships allow you to gain practical experience. Many individuals leaving education find they are held back by their lack of practical experience; an apprenticeship can help you to develop your skills and prove your ability to potential employers.

2.      Avoid student loans

University fees have dramatically increased since 2012, leaving many students with an excess of £30,000 of debt by the time they have finished an undergraduate degree. Apprenticeships present an alternative to those who can’t afford the costs or simply don’t want to pay the steep prices for a degree. Apprenticeships are paid! They provide a great alternative, allowing you to earn while you learn!

3.      Gain a qualification

Alongside the practical experience you get during an apprenticeship, you will also have the opportunity to gain a qualification. Many apprentices will spend at least 1 day a week working at college towards acquiring a relevant qualification. Apprentices can work towards a variety of qualifications, some of which are equivalent to a bachelors or masters level degree qualification. The qualification will not only help to improve your CV but also serves as a way to increase your knowledge of an industry and apply it practically to your role.

4.      Help get your foot in the door

Many jobs are not advertised publically and therefore positioning yourself in an organisation can increase the number of opportunities available to you. Maintaining a positive dialogue with your managers can put you in the running for future vacancies in an organisation. Many apprentices are kept on by their employer and around 90% of apprentices secure full time employment at the end of their apprenticeship.

5.      Opportunity to network

Apprenticeships place you directly into the heart of a business and provide you with a great opportunity to network. Developing strong relationships with co-workers and customers can help increase your awareness of opportunities in the company and industry as a whole. Apprenticeships are a great way to gain connections that can help you throughout your career.

6.      Mentoring

During an apprenticeship you will receive guidance and support that will help your development. This is a great opportunity to receive industry specific advice that is tailored to you. Your supervisor is there to help you with your learning and their advice can be invaluable to your success in an industry.