5 Ways to Nail a Skype / Video Interview

5 Ways to Nail a Skype / Video Interview

Video interviews have become more popular with employers in recent years. Whether is it a live video interview via skype or pre-recorded it is important to take it seriously. Just because the hiring manager is not in the room with you it doesn’t mean it is any less formal. In fact videos allow employers to watch an interview more than once and pick up on things they may not have picked up on during a normal face-to-face interview. Here is how you can nail your Skype / video interview!    

1. Prepare!

Preparation is key to any interview. Look into the role before the interview and try and gain a good understanding of what is expected of you. Go through potential answers to interview questions and research the company. Preparation will ensure that you give the best first impression of yourself and will help you to appear more calm and confident during the interview.

2. Have a practise run

Software doesn’t always run smoothly so double check that your computer is running properly before the interview - this will ensure that the interview gets off to a great start. Make sure to check that the video and audio is working and that the camera is positioned correctly. Technical difficulties can add unnecessary stress during an interview and can make it much harder to create a good impression with the hiring manager.

3. Always take note of your surroundings!

You may spend hours on your appearance to look the part for the interview, but if you have, for example, an offensive poster in the background of your video or cluttered surroundings can harm your chances of landing the job. Make sure to check that everything in the shot is appropriate and won’t offend or create a bad impression.

4. Make sure you won’t be interrupted

If you’re at home for the video interview make sure anyone in the house knows not to disturb you. If you’re in the middle of a question and a family member awkwardly walks in the room it can make you lose your train of thought and make you appear unprofessional. Try and complete the interview in a quiet room away from any distractions. If you’re in a public place try to remove yourself from any loud busy spaces to avoid any disturbances.

5. Dress formally

Unless told otherwise ensure that you dress formally for your video interview. Video interviews are just as formal as face-to-face interviews and formal attire will help to create a great first impression. Often candidates choose to dress formally from the waist up for a video interview, as their bottom half won’t appear on camera. If you choose to do this don’t stand up! Flashing a hiring manger your pyjama bottoms is just as bad as not wearing formal attire at all and can make the employer question your professionalism.

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