Changing jobs can be daunting, but it becomes a lot harder when you try to move job sectors. You will likely face the problem and lack of experience and it can become very frustrating. Here are 7 tips to help you successfully change job sectors and land you your dream job!

Have an explanation ready

Many employers will ask you why you’ve decided to change sectors.  It is important that you give them a good and thought out answer. Simply stating that you’re bored can raise alarm bells with hiring managers and can lead them to question your loyalty. Think this decision through and ensure this is the right choice for you so, when asked, you can answer the question effectively.

Do your research!

It is essential that you do your research and look into the sector before applying for a role. Research will help you to answer application questions more effectively and help to put an employer at ease. Demonstrating your knowledge of an industry can reassure an employer of your commitment to changing sectors and suitability for the role. Lack of knowledge can make your decision appear spontaneous and make you a less appealing candidate.

Transferable Skills

There are lots of skills that will be transferable when moving sectors. Skills such as time management can be applied to multiple industries. Ensure you read the job description thoroughly and personalise your CV to suit the role! Demonstrating the transferability of your skills in your CV will help to show the employer that you are able to adapt to a change of job sector and increase their confidence in your suitability for the role.


If you don’t have the experience needed for the sector try volunteering. This will help you to gain experience, show that you are serious about this change and help to persuade employers of your suitability.


Try and reach out to your existing network, as they may be able to alert you to new opportunities and point you in the direction of hiring managers. It is also beneficial to take part in networking events and join discussion groups on social networking sites; these groups will allow you to ask questions and can increase your presence in the industry.

Think outside of the box

Try to think outside the box when submitting your application. It is important that you stand out from other applicants, especially those who may have more experience. If you’re looking to enter a creative industry try making a video CV, this will help you to show the employer your personality, make you more memorable and give you an edge over the traditional piece of paper CV.

Expand your skill set  

It could be beneficial to gain a new qualification to help you enter a new sector. This may involve signing up to a college or university course. A qualification can help to make your lack of experience less of an issue and may actually give you an edge over candidates with experience but no formal qualifications.

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