Top 5 Ways To Combat Interview Nerves

Top 5 Ways To Combat Interview Nerves

Interviews are stressful and you don’t always know what to expect. Reducing your nerves and remaining calm during an interview and can help to dramatically improve your performance and help you to appear more confident in front of an employer. Here are the top 5 ways that you can reduce your nerves before an interview and create a great first impression!

1. Research

Carrying out research before the interview can help to make you appear more confident and reduce your nerves. Researching the company and what the job entails beforehand can help you to personalise your answers, this will help to reduce your nerves as you will be able to answer questions more effectively.

2. If you’re unsure, ask!

If there is anything you’re unsure of before the interview ask the hiring manager. Asking questions won’t harm your chances of success! In fact, asking questions to clear up any confusion will help you improve your interview performance, as you will be more confident in how you answer and present yourself. Going into an interview knowing what to expect can significantly reduce your nerves!

3. Know where you’re going!

Lots of people make the mistake of not checking where their interview is taking place before the day of the interview. Make sure you know exactly where you need to go and how to get there. Try having a practise run and go to the destination before your interview, to help you relax and reduce any unnecessary stress on the day.

4. Be early

Arriving to an interview 5 or 10 minutes early will not only help to create a great first impression but will also help with your nerves. The extra few minutes will allow you to compose yourself and get used to your surroundings, which will help you to appear more confident during the interview.

5. Choose your interview time carefully

Not all employers will give you the chance to pick an interview time, but take advantage of those who do. If there is a time of day that you know you perform better then try to schedule an interview for then. If you aren’t sure when to schedule an interview, try choosing a morning interview over an afternoon, as this will stop you working yourself up throughout the day, making your nerves worse.