Top Tips For Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

Top Tips For Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

Looking for a new job is time consuming and can quickly become tedious. Keeping yourself motivated during your search will help to improve the quality of your applications and your prospects. Here are our top tips for staying motivated when searching for a new job!

Be persistent!

Ultimately, the more you apply for the more chances of successfully landing job you’ll have. Don’t be disheartened by rejection and take it as a learning experience. Stay positive and patient, if you persist you will find a job.

Change your method!

Doing the same thing day in day out can be really demotivating! If you find that you’re not receiving any response or you’re quickly losing motivation change what you’re doing. Trying new job search methods will help make the process more interesting and increase your concentration.

Take a break

Remember to give yourself time to relax each day. If you don’t take a break your job search will quickly become tiresome. Taking some time out from your search each day will improve the quality of your job applications and help to keep you motivated.

Be realistic

Aiming to apply for hundreds of jobs each day will harm the quality of your applications and will become difficult to keep track of and will harm the quality of your applications. Although it is important that you take your search seriously, don’t push yourself too far; as you will burn out a lot faster and you will quickly lose motivation.  Set yourself realistic goals each day to keep you focused without overdoing it.

Keep your friends and family close

Surround yourself with a support network of people who can give you advice and comfort. Confiding in a friend or family member during your search can help ease some of the stress and put things into perspective.

Keep a diary

Stay organised and keep a diary of your progress. A record of your applications will prevent any confusion and stop your job search becoming overwhelming, as you will know what you’ve applied for and when. A diary can be used to plan your search and make sure you’re not wasting your time applying for positions you’ve already applied for.

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